Admissions – Prerequisites and Application Process

Getting Started

  • Our program is a 13.5 month, full-time, day, Monday through Friday, certificate program. Full attendance is expected. There are no evening or weekend courses or other flexible class options.
  • Students will be expected to sit for national credentialing exams through agencies outside UMBC DMSP. Many employers require that graduates are credentialed when hired, or within 6 months of hire date.
  • Early in your application process, attend an Information Session (see the information session page). The information presented will help you decide if the profession of Sonography and UMBC DMSP are suitable choices for you.
  • Review the academic and additional prerequisites. We encourage prospective applicants to contact Jeanne McStay, Admissions Director, at 443.692.6600 ext. 7202 (or with questions or for a review of your transcripts.
  • No application to the UMBC Undergraduate campus is required. The UMBC DMSP application process below is to be used.

Application Deadline

  • The application deadline is January 15 of each year for the class starting in July of the same year. Applications are accepted between October 1 and January 15 only.

Tuition and Fees

  • Tuition for the 2025-2026 class is $26,495.00. An additional (non-refundable) enrollment fee of $300.00 will be due.
  • Although changes in fees are ordinarily announced in advance, UMBC reserves the right to make such changes without previous announcement.

Academic Prerequisites

  • 60 college level credits required (Associates Degree or higher preferred).
    • GPA of 2.5 or higher; Grade of “C” or higher in all prerequisites.
    • All prerequisite courses must be 100-level or higher.
    • Prerequisites may be taken at any accredited community college or university.
  • The following college-level courses are required:
Mathematics 3 credits College-level algebra, statistics, calculus, trigonometry or higher mathematics course – 100 level or higher.
Physics 3 credits Acceptable physics courses: Introductory, allied health, or general physics course. Must be at least 3 credits.
Biology 3 credits Any college level biology course with or without lab (check prerequisite biology course for Anatomy and Physiology I).
Anatomy and Physiology I and II 4 credits each Anatomy and Physiology I (with lab) and II (with lab). Equivalents such as Human Biology I and II (with lab) may also be accepted.
English Composition I 3 credits Introductory college-level English writing class.
English Composition II 3 credits English writing, journalism, or literature course.
Speech 3 credits Oral communications.
Psychology 3 credits Psychology or Human Behavior
Medical Terminology Credit or non-credit Non-credit Verified Certificate course available online
Medical/Healthcare Ethics and Law Credit or non-credit Non-credit certificate course available online
ESOL Credit or non-credit Required for international students
  • If any prerequisites were not met as part of a degree program, they must be completed prior to applying for the DMSP program. However, all prerequisites may be included in the required 60 college credits.
  •  Academic prerequisites must be completed before application is submitted. Exception: Applicants may be in progress with no more than two courses during the semester ending May 31. A midterm grade or progress report must be available before the interview date.
  • Prospective applicants are encouraged to submit college transcripts or descriptions of potential classes to the Admissions Director for review. The Director will provide feedback on which prerequisites have been met and which are still needed, as well as advice on whether UMBC DMSP would accept a potential course. You may email your documents to the Director of Sonography Admissions at or call 443-692-6600 X 7202 for course advice.
  • International students only: International students must take the TOEFL exam unless the student has completed a college course in U.S. A minimum TOEFL iBT® score of 20 in each category is required.

Additional Prerequisites

  • Attendance at a Sonography Information Session (required for admission into UMBC DMSP). This requirement should be completed before an application is submitted.
  • Completion of 40 volunteer hours in a patient care role such as patient transporter, medical office or nursing home volunteer, Red Cross volunteer, missions trip or externship that involved medical assistance to the needy, etc. Veterinary experience not accepted. Applicants employed in patient care in the Allied Health field do not need to perform volunteer hours but will need written proof of current or previous employment. This requirement should be completed before an application is submitted.
  • Shadowing a sonographer in a healthcare setting for at least 6 hours (strongly recommended).

Admissions Procedure

To apply, the following items must be received by the application deadline:

  • Sonography application packet and $50 application fee. Application fee is paid online here. Please indicate your first, second and third specialty choices on the application General (Abd-Ext/OB-GYN), Cardiac, or Vascular). We try to place accepted applicants in their desired specialty. Packet includes:
    • Application Packet Instruction Sheet
    • Application Form
    • Volunteer Form documenting 40 volunteer hours in a healthcare setting
    • Applicant Appraisal Forms (2) to be obtained from someone, other than a family member, who can evaluate your work/study habits, conduct/behavior, reliability/competence. These forms must be emailed directly from the appraiser to Jeanne McStay at The appraisal forms are not to be returned with the application.
    • Sonography shadow form documenting a minimum of 6 hours shadowing a sonographer (recommended)
  • Official transcripts from previous colleges/universities, demonstrating 60 credits and all prerequisite classes. Applicants can be in progress for up to two for-credit courses at time of application, but must provide proof of registration (via a receipt or transcript) at time of application. Acceptance into the program will be contingent upon receipt of the final grades (with a “C” or better) and final official transcripts.
  • One-page resume
  • International students must send their original transcripts from secondary school and college to World Education Services (WES) for a course-by-course evaluation to recalculate credits and grades to U.S. equivalents. An official report must be sent directly from WES to the UMBC Sonography Program. A fee will be incurred through WES. International students must take the TOEFL exam unless the student has completed a college course in the U.S. A minimum TOEFL iBT® score of 20 in each category is required. UMBC DMSP cannot provide an I-20 form for a student visa. International applicants must already have a visa allowing them to study in the United States.

The UMBC Diagnostic Medical Sonography Program reserves the right to reject incomplete applications.

NOTE: Please do not use plastic folders, sheet protectors or staples for any portion of the application or the additional documentation.

Application Checklist

To apply, the following items must be received by application deadline of January 15:

  • Application and $50 application fee. Application fee is paid online here.
  • Official transcripts from previous colleges/universities
  • Completed Volunteer Form (or proof of current or prior employment in a patient care role)
  • One-page resume
  • Completed Shadow form (recommended)
  • Two completed appraisal forms (emailed separately by completers)

Selection Process

Following a review of all applications by the admissions office, qualified applicants will be instructed by email to schedule an interview. Interviews will typically begin about 4-6 weeks after the application deadline. Applicants are selected based on the following criteria:

  • Academic history
  • Interview scores
  • Applicant appraisals

Interviewees will be notified by email of accepted, alternate or declined status.

Student Loans

UMBC DMSP is not a degree program, and therefore does not accept federal loans or grants and does not provide financial assistance. However, you may be eligible for loans with Sallie Mae, Ascent Student Loans, or other private lenders who provide loans for career training. Please research loans for which you may qualify.

You may not apply for a Sallie Mae loan prior to acceptance to UMBC DMSP. UMBC’s Sallie Mae school code is 00210500.