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Praxis—Move toward a teaching career!

Trying to get into a teacher preparation or certification program? The Praxis® Core Math test assesses basic mathematical skills and operations and measures critical thinking skills. The Praxis® Core Reading and Praxis® Core Writing tests assess reading comprehension and written communication skills. The Praxis Core Math, Reading, and Writing tests are required or accepted for admission into many teacher training programs and for teacher certification in most states.

On-Demand Praxis Core Verbal Prep Class Syllabus

Topics Include:
  • Recognizing and correcting written communication errors that typically appear on the test
  • Correctly using and citing outside resources in research essays
  • Writing an organized, coherent essay in a limited time
  • Skimming longer passages for key information
  • Scanning for key words in passages to locate relevant information
  • Identifying and answering the types of reading comprehension questions that typically appear on the test

While this workshop provides participants with very valuable information, techniques and strategies for maximizing their potential on the Praxis Core Test. Please note that this course does not replace studying. In addition to taking this workshop we recommend that students dedicate significant time to studying for the examination in order to be truly prepared.

Please visit the Examination web site at Maryland PRAXIS testing requirements to view information on the exam.


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